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Subtle communication: a play between the lines of the text

Subtle communication: a play between the lines of the text

When we write, we want to convey a message that is properly assimilated by our reader. For this to happen, we need to look at the particularities of the context and, above all, the receiver.

There are circumstances where things need to be said “in the can”: yes, no, right, wrong, left, right, black, white and so on. However, sometimes the situation may be too deep to be announced as clearly as the day.

For example, there are several ways to declare love, the most common being perhaps “I love you”. However, the indiscriminate use of such a statement can de-characterize its original meaning to the point of no longer captivating the loved one. Here is a good example of the need for subtle communication.

A small amount of seriousness in talking to one’s loved ones in order to keep their well-being in some cases may be a more effective and subtle way of declaring love-more than the sweetness of a loving-self, only to try to end an uncomfortable discussion.

Subtle communication feeds on the details

Usually, subtlety is found in the details of communication and can be worked on in a variety of ways. It is a kind of intelligent game in which one tests the perception and the insight of others in relation to diverse situations and facts. To communicate with subtlety is to insinuate without pointing; is to show arrows, not the way.

Subtlety is independent of moral principles and ethics

With subtlety one can mock, humiliate, help, seduce, donate and subtract. Being subtle is communicating with insight, aiming to make the main message less accessible, involving the interlocutor in a game of derision or seduction.

We could say that subtle communication is a game that, in disguise, sows peace or war, love or hatred, empathy or provocation. When detected, the interlocutor is instigated and, with this, the curiosity, the competition, the cunning, the malice are awakened; or generosity, trust, persuasion. Several factors begin to work in the background of communication.

This subtle communication encompasses not only writing but also speech and gesture. Any movement can contain a valuable message. However, such a connection can be easily lost if the transmitter operates at a level well above or below the level of its receiver. Subtle communication is only maintained while there is an exchange of stimuli.

Marketing is also a good example of subtle communication. The main message is “buy”. But if this becomes very clear to the consumer, he will not be persuaded to make the purchase. It would be like wanting to win someone’s first kiss without any effort, without the touch of seduction.

What is subtlety for?

Getting the attention of the caller can be a good first response. But for this attention to be maintained, the experience of the game should be worth it. It is necessary to create, sufficiently, curiosities for the curious, reasons for the rational, depth for who is sagacious and so on.

Subtlety may have, as an end, pettiness or generosity. Its fuel is honey or pepper, which must be combined carefully, according to the desired goal.

A single crime can be seen from completely different perspectives. In the space of the contradictory, the defense and the accusation are cherished with warm technical arguments, aspiring to attract the steps of the judge to the proximity of his private angle and make him glimpse the fact with his gaze, side by side.

As we have already said, subtlety conceals the main message strategically, until its subtle goal is fulfilled, that is, until the recipient is persuaded to accept its intention: either by perceiving the value of the product (not the price), or by believing that someone is innocent or guilty.

No matter the language – it can be familiar, poetic, humorous, academic, philosophical – what is meant is to lead the speaker to a certain point only by making innuendoes, hypnotizing him with the tricks, but always respecting the rules of the game.

The importance of revising subtle texts

Watch out! Do not let subtlety become a truncated message. Communicate always respecting the intellectual level of your interlocutor. As the great linguist Ataliba de Castilho said, “mistake, mistake is when you speak and the other does not understand”.

It is not necessary to use elaborate language, or mysterious prayers to communicate with subtlety. Often an illiterate country man can be more subtle in communicating than many doctors.

Review subtle texts demand experience. As a matter of subtlety, many reviewers were disapproved in the process to set up our team of professional reviewers. As we always say, revising is not just a technical consideration of grammar, it is having a sensitive and attentive look at every detail and subtlety of what is most important: the writer’s message.

The subtlety is directly associated with the style of the emitter, just as each voice has a particular timbre. Inexperienced reviewers, when they do not perceive the nuance of a subtlety, soon suggest the rewriting of the passage, thus distorting the original spirit of the message. Then, repeating, subtlety can not sound like a mystery. It must startle as something in-between, unexpected-whether to enchant or to attack.

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