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How to stand out writing in a country of few readers

How to stand out writing in a country of few readers

Everyone, as a child, must have heard the expression, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s hard to find children who answer something like “I want to be a writer!”. This is a profession that is often discovered when we are grown up, often in our teens, when we feel the need to express our feelings.

As we grow older, we discover that writing has many ways of being. Literary, journalistic, poetic, academic. A copywriter can also work with texts for advertising and marketing, social networks, websites and blogs. There are a multitude of options.

Some writers are satisfied with anonymity because they only want to guarantee their daily bread through writing. Others, moreover, want to have their work recognized by a certain public. However, there is a great difficulty for writers in Brazil: the index of readers in the country is very low. Both in relation to books and articles on the internet.


According to the fourth and last survey “Portraits of Reading in US” of 2015, only 56% of the population is considered reader, considering different types of text. However, this number is even smaller if we analyze the information in more depth.

The criterion for being considered a reader in Brazil is that the individual has read at least one book, or parts of books, within a period of three months – in the case of the cited report, in the three months preceding the survey. This means that, to be framed in these data, you do not have to have read an entire book in a quarter.

Web readers

Dedicating to reading through the internet is even rarer. With a multitude of information at its disposal, many readers scour the timelines by reading only titles and headlines. Maybe that’s why many fake news are widely publicized.

For these and other reasons, to excel as a writer in Brazil, it takes a lot of dedication, originality, great writing and good content. To help you in this process, we’ve separated some tips!

Find your place and take it

Ever heard that expression “shooting everywhere”? Yeah, that hardly works. If you want good results, you need to find out what your place is, what role you play best, and what makes you feel fulfilled.

Discovering that, specialize! Become really good at what you do. If your production is of quality, you will gain space and not have to compete all the time for smaller jobs than the ones you really want.

Follow the changes

 Study, study, study hard! Nowadays, in any work area, it is necessary to follow the evolutions or even to be ahead of them. For example, if you are a book writer, you need to know the profile of the readers you want to reach. In addition, it is important to keep up with the technological changes that influence your field of activity.

A writer of literary texts no longer has to limit himself to printed publications of his books, that demand more time and money. Today, it is possible to launch books online, called digital books or ebooks.

Whether you are a copywriter of articles or articles for advertising, websites, blogs and social networks, you need to know about countless processes like content optimization, SEO, digital positioning, etc. Between a writer who makes a good text and a copywriter who manages to make this text to be found on the internet, that is, is well positioned, the latter tends to be the chosen one.


This is a very important factor for those who wish to excel in writing. Read enough to be inspired, but do not want to copy anyone. If you want to be recognized for your work, you need to develop your own style and personality. You need to make your mark.

Perhaps the most difficult part is getting the content you produce to reach readers. But from the moment that happens, if there is quality, originality and good writing, there is a great chance you will start having loyal readers. It is necessary to write so that the reader feels touched.

These were just basic tips for you to excel in writing. In a country with few readers, it is a challenge to put yourself well on the market. But who does not like to win challenges? Surely you have the capacity!

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It is important to continue to improve in the art of writing. Submitting your work to professional review will help ensure the quality of your texts.