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After all, what is coherence and cohesion?

After all, what is coherence and cohesion?

There are those who think that to produce a good text it is only necessary to have a good idea and write it without the so-called Portuguese errors. But the truth is that good writing only accomplishes its purpose when the reader understands what is being said – and what is meant -, that is, when the message is actually transmitted.

Thus, the copywriter must know how to pass on his information so as to ensure that it is understood by the reader. One must be aware of this basic principle and also consider the audience for which one writes.

This is because each person has a world reading corresponding to their life experiences. This individual experience can directly influence how the reader understands and absorbs information. Therefore, the role of the writer is to master the mechanisms that facilitate the understanding of the text.

Have you ever experienced any conflicting experience without wanting to, because of some communication failure? It is possible that the lack of coherence or cohesion has contributed to this. Whether in oral or written communication, having clarity in ideas and words is crucial for the recipient to absorb the shared content.

In writing or speaking, assertiveness in the transmission of ideas can be facilitated through the principles of coherence and cohesion. These terms are not new, so chances are you’ve heard of them in school. They are basic principles, but they still cause a lot of confusion out there!

What is coherence for?

Consistency is the principle responsible for helping to give meaning to the ideas of a text. The coherent text is one that has a relationship of harmony between your ideas. We say that a person is not coherent, for example, when what he teaches is not corresponding to what he practices.

The sense conveyed by the lack of coherence is, “What does this have to do with it?” Moreover, we can see that a text is inconsistent when ideas contradict each other. Without coherence the text can become confusing, superficial and fail to convey your message efficiently.

What is cohesion for?

Cohesion is responsible for joining the textual and grammatical elements to ensure a logical textual sequence. The term “cohesion” relates to the term “sewing”, of “sewing”. In this way, we can think that cohesion is the principle that “stitches” the text, its words, phrases and paragraphs.

A text that is not cohesive can make both reading and understanding difficult. Thus, to ensure understanding of what is written, the writer needs to establish a logical and orderly sequence, so that the reader is guided lightly through the lines of text without obstacles to reading, ensuring a pleasurable and objective experience.

To understand these concepts once and for all, let’s make an analogy.

The analogy of the sewing studio

Imagine you are in a sewing studio. In this space, ideas are the model of clothing that will be sewn; the words, sentences and paragraphs are the tissues; and the editor is the couturier.

It all starts with choosing the type of clothing you want to sew. The couturier thinks about style, colors, prints, everything that will convey the personality of the clothing and the person who will wear it. This is the process in which the couturier – or the writer – thinks of the ideas he wants to convey.

In order for these ideas to be well conveyed, the couturier begins to think about how to build clothing. What is the best fabric? What color should it be? Sleek or with prints? This information should be related, that is, be consistent with the style you want to achieve, be it more classic, stripped down or social.

Likewise, the writer should present ideas and concepts that are consistent with the message he wishes to convey to readers. These ideas need to be compatible, just as fabric colors need to combine to form an interesting piece.

However, for the concept of a garment to be clearly transmitted, it is not enough to choose a beautiful fabric. If it is poorly sewn, the clothing will be of poor quality and your customers will lose interest in it – this is what happens with a text that is not cohesive.

There is no point in producing coherent material if it gets badly articulated. That is where cohesion comes in, the principle that will structure words, phrases and paragraphs so that there is a logical and understandable sequence.

Do you understand why coherence and cohesion are so important for a text? If you have understood and need help to see if you are applying these concepts correctly, there is a team of reviewers in the Written World ready to help you!